Hey! My name's tin.

I'm a Gold Coast/Brisbane based filmmaker with a passion in storytelling.

I work as a cinematographer, videographer, grip and gaffer with my own camera and lighting package, experienced in advanced lighting and camera techniques for cinematic picture and commercial videography.


I love rigging, tinkering, sculpting light and creating beautiful images for the screen



All equipment is fully insured for use and rental!

Please peruse the equipment list to determine if I can help out with your production! This is not the extensive list of equipment available. Plus, I am proficient in gear outside this list including, but not limited to, brands such as Arri, KinoFlo, Nanlite/Nanlux, Aputure, K5600 and Dedo...Give me a call!

Grip/Electric package starting at $1600/day

All 5600k (Tungsten Equivalent wattage)

2 x Godox SL-60W Single COB LEDs (600w)      $60/day

1 x Godox VL200 Single COB LED (2kW)            $120/day

1 x Godox Vl300 Single COB LED (3kW)             $160/day

2 x Small LED Panels                                           $40/day


4 x C-stands                                                         $30/day

10 x Baby Stands (Light Stands)                       $20/day

1 x 0.76-1.4m Mini Wall Spreader                     $30/day

1 x 46" Boom arm                                               $30/day

6 x Shotbags                                                       $20/day

3 x 1.8x3.2m Moving Blankets (Sound blanket/Neg)

1 x 1.8x1.5m Silk 


Bowens mount accesories $30/day

1 x 48” Parabolic Softbox with Grid 

1 x 26” Softbox no Grid

2 x Barndoors with Grid

2 x Aputure 2X Fresnel

1 x Aputure Spotlight (Leko) Mount                  $40/day


1 x 8x8' 1/2 Grid Cloth (No Frame)                    $30/day

1 x 24x36” Silk

1 x 18x24” Flag 

1 x 36x36” 5-in-1 Flag (Diffusion, Black, White, Silver, Gold)


1 x Folding 5-in-1 Reflector

1 x 900W Haze Machine                                    $40/day


Large variety of gels including color correction and effects filters.


And more...